Cafe Three-Zero Take 7 Author Interview – with Jobie Baldwin

Each week we are featuring a couple of our soon to be published authors, and inviting them to answer 7 questions about their writing and inspirations. Our second interview features Jobie Baldwin.  You can find out a little more about Jobie on her author page… 

Q1  Give us some background on yourself?

I have spent most of my adult life working unhappily in the commercial property industry. Ever the optimist I chose to see the current market crisis as an opportunity to try something new (but long yearned for) and so started taking writing courses.  The rest is history.

Q2  What was the basis for your story in Tales from the Cafe, Vol 1?

My story is written in the first person stream of consciousness.  I wanted to explore how an internal dialogue might look to someone who was suffering under extreme pressure.  I leave it to the reader to decide whether that pressure is real or imagined in this particular case.

Q3  Why did you want to become an author?

I was always an author.  As a child I wrote ‘living room’ plays for my best friend Sheena to star in. I wrote dark poetry during my teens but was persuaded by those with saner heads to pursue a ‘sensible’ career, writing being notoriously precarious.  Over the years I pined for my true love but it is only now, in my forties that I have mustered the courage to ‘use my words’.

Q4  Any advice for fledgling authors?

Don’t listen to those helpful souls who want to spare you future disappointment – just go for it!

Q5  What authors do you like and admire?

I LOVE Virginia Woolf.  Her style is so simple, so matter of fact but creates such depth of mood.

Q6  What do you do when you’re not writing fiction?

I work part-time in a ‘proper job’ and daydream for a time when I can write every waking moment.

Q7  What will you do if you become famous?

I will write in the sunshine.


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2 responses to “Cafe Three-Zero Take 7 Author Interview – with Jobie Baldwin

  1. Good luck to Jobie Baldwin with Tales from the Cafe Vol1!
    Do you think you writers have to be ‘famous’ to consider themselves successful? Might rule out a few of us then ;o)

  2. Sheena

    Wishing you all the best with your lifelong dream. I remember those plays well (and endless renditions of ‘Songbird, tell me a story’) xx Sheena

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