Cafe Three-Zero Take 7 Author Interview – with Jim Mcilroy

Each week we are featuring a couple of our now published authors, and inviting them to answer 7 questions about their writing and inspirations. They have all contributed to our first e-book, Tales From The Cafe: Vol 1, details of which are posted on our home page. Our fifth interview features Jim Mcilroy.  You can also find out a little more about him on his author page… 

Q1  Give us some background on yourself?

Engineer for thirty years all the way back from boyhood ambition. Have designed bits of space craft, control rooms, networks, and at one time over twenty years ago I designed the Greenwich Time Signal system at the BBC. Scary thought for someone who is late for meetings, however nobody else was late and that’s what counts.

Q2  What was the basis for your story in Tales from the Cafe, Vol 1?

During a visit to the museum ship HMS Belfast in London I read a plaque which refers to the accuracy of the guns and their target. Whoever set them up had a sense of humour. I decided to create a story by changing the target in fiction.

Q3  Why did you want to become an author?

After writing engineering documents for twenty years or so I had an urge to write fiction for pleasure. Still write engineering docs occasionally.

Q4  Any advice for fledgling authors?

Follow your dream. Don’t worry if you can’t figure the plot out in your head (I can’t either.) Start writing and you will be amazed where it can lead.

Q5  What authors do you like and admire?

Tom Bradby for thrillers with historical detail, Tim Sebastian for believable spy novels, and James Lee Burke for great books set in Southern Louisiana.

Q6  What do you do when you’re not writing fiction?

Fiddle around with old computers at home and achieve nothing except contentment. Travel when I can afford it. Aside from that put on my engineering hat and make sure I achieve something so I can buy food.

Q7  What will you do if you become famous?

Design a poster with the words ‘Imagine That!’ on it, stick it on the wall, and look at it occasionally. Also buy a Writing Shed in the Caribbean and winter in it.

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  1. Emma

    definatley a future in comedy i think…

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