Easter Giveaway Competition–Book Discounts for RED

As part of the Easter festivities and the release of RED, our second e-book, we are launching an exciting competition in which our readers can get involved. We’ve thousands of discount vouchers for Smashwords to giveaway during April, in what will be our first competition. It’s an opportunity to buy RED with a £1.50 discount off the normal retail price of £2.99, so don’t delay and keep reading!

To get involved, all our readers have to do is to answer one simple question:- What does the word RED make you think of?

Our readers and subscribers can get creative with this one. When you have an answer, one word or more (it’s up to you), send it to us via our competition email competitions@cafethreezero.com. We will be emailing the coupons out to your email address, so don’t forget to check your Spam folders too. Feel free to post your RED comments on the blog, if you wish, or at our Facebook page.  A word of caution though, if it’s going public–please keep it clean!

Facebook link http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Cafe-Three-Zero/140193642738699

You can read our author’s contributions to the RED theme when the book is released at Smashwords  April 1st, but remember, this is no April Fools! Get involved and have some Easter fun.

To Note:- Smashwords books are sold in dollars, so the discount code will still allow you to purchase at half-price and will reflect the exchange rate.


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3 responses to “Easter Giveaway Competition–Book Discounts for RED

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  3. Have posted a ballad on the theme of RED, on the facebook page. Hope you enjoy.

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