Billy of Boldre Wood

I’m excited to let you all know about the debut novel of one of Cafe Three Zero’s authors!  Kay Lawrence’s debut novel is now available for kindle on Amazon, and if that doesn’t suit other versions are available on Smashwords.

Billy of Boldre Wood

Boldre Wood is a vast ancient forest, untouched and unexplored by the civilised world – until now. Inhabiting the great trees of the wood is a complex society of miniature people, battling for survival in a hostile world.

A boy from one of the oldest of the tree nations sets out to explore his world following the sudden death of his mother. With his best friend accompanying him every step of the way, Billy of Boldre Wood receives a swift and at times painful education in the dangers facing his people, transforming him from an average boy to a young man destined to shape the world around him.

Set around the time of the 16th century, the Boldre Wood Trilogy is the account of what happens when Man’s desire to explore the world sets him on a collision course with the small but fiercely determined inhabitants of this ancient forest wilderness.

The first book in the series introduces the unwitting hero Billy and his beautiful but dangerous world. The subsequent books see Billy and his friends working together, fighting those who would run Boldre Wood for their own profit, healing old enmities and using all their guile and intelligence to defend Boldre Wood against a terrifying invasion. Will man’s unthinking dominance destroy the homeland of this remarkable boy, or will his tenacity and refusal to surrender save his people and all he holds dear from annihilation?

Click here to find Billy of Boldre Wood on Amazon.

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