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Cafe Three-Zero Take 7 Author Interview – with Joyce Moyes

Each week we are featuring a couple of our now published authors, and inviting them to answer 7 questions about their writing and inspirations. They have all contributed to our first eBook, Tales From The Cafe: Vol 1, details of which are posted on our home page, along with where you can purchase. Our latest interview features Joyce Moyes.  Be sure to check out  her author page for more information…

Q1  Give us some background on yourself?

My father was Scottish and my mother English. I was born in London, brought up in South Shields and now reside in Scotland. You could say I am bit of a mongrel, having an accent, which is a mix of ‘Geordie’ with a Scottish ‘burr.’ Mind you it does mean I can roll my ‘R’s’

Q2  What was the basis for your story in Tales from the Cafe, Vol 1?

Relationships, and their influence’s, Nature versus Nurture. What makes a person a killer, his genes or his upbringing, or both?

Q3  Why did you want to become an author?

I always have stories in my head; characters develop and need a voice. Either that or perhaps I am mad, who knows!!! I did live in the next street to Catherine Cookson, maybe that count’s for something.

Q4  Any advice for fledgling authors?

I would love to be able to give loads of advice but I am not there yet, I haven’t got my wings yet. Perhaps believe in yourself, read lots and write.

Q5  What authors do you like and admire?

I like Edward Rutherford and Sebastian Faulks, and I have been known to read the occasional Catherine Cookson novel if I am missing the Geordie twang. I like to read about people who I can perceive as ‘real’

Q6  What do you do when you’re not writing fiction?

I like travel and take photographs, especially wildlife.

Q7  What will you do if you become famous?

Just what I do now, I would do a bit more of the things which I enjoy, and less of other things which stop me from doing them. I would probably upgrade on flights when I was travelling, apparently you get proper cutlery and free wine, and you get to jump the queue when you book in, bliss…..

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