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Cafe Three-Zero Take 7 Author Interview – with Michael Jan Gibas

Each week we are featuring a couple of our now published authors, and inviting them to answer 7 questions about their writing and inspirations. They have all contributed to our first eBook, Tales From The Cafe: Vol 1, details of which are posted on our home page, along with where you can purchase. Our latest interview features Michael Jan Gibas.  Be sure to check out  his author page for more information…

Q1  Give us some background on yourself?

I run a graphic design company in Hertfordshire and I once used to write and draw comic books.

Q2  What was the basis for your story in Tales from the Cafe, Vol 1?

L’Amour Fou. Infatuation. Losing the people you really love.

Q3  Why did you want to become an author?

Always created characters and stories and then just got distracted by life. Time to rediscover that creative spark and prove it’s never too late.

Q4  Any advice for fledgling authors?

Write. Write. Then write some more.

Q5  What authors do you like and admire?

Jack Kirby. John Irving. Willie Vlautin.

Q6  What do you do when you’re not writing fiction?


Q7  What will you do if you become famous?

Worry some more.

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