Joseph P Clarkson

Joseph P Clarkson’s start in to writing comes from his love of reading. One of the earliest reads he could remember was one of his sisters Enid Blytons “Famous Five” adventures. Which one he doesn’t rightly remember, or cares not to.

He now prefers to read his complete works of Tolkien, and the endless Crusader, Templar, Theological and Theoretical Conspiracy books available to him.

He is a strong believer of reading for pleasure, and writing for….. well pleasure but any rewards would obviously be greatly appreciated.

Having grew up on the East side of London, he decided that the big city was no longer the place for him and he upped and moved his loving family to rural Suffolk where they now reside with the most amazing surroundings and serenity.

Joseph is currently studying for a Degree in English Literature with the Open University and feels proud and priveliged to be working with the publishers, Café Three Zero.

You can follow Joseph’s blog site at


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